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Carnivorous Plants (Spring 2022)

So, a few days ago, I showed you my drosera in bloom, but I have more to show you.

First, the drosera made me lie. Two days ago, two flowers were in bloom at the same time!

Drosera Flowers


Also, after getting some success with both the drosera and the dioneae (Venus flytraps), I got tempted and bought two new plants:

A Sarracenia


(I think it’s a Sarracenia purpurea, but I’m not totally sure)


And a Nepenthes:

The label said Nepenthes Alata, but I don’t really know how reliable these labels always are.


While the drosera and the dionaea are easy to take care of, apparently these two are a completely different story, especially the nepenthes. That’s why I took a picture of them right away, in order to share them with you, not knowing how long I’ll manage to keep them alive. We’ll see.

Stay tuned…

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