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Hey! Don’t cut the string!

So, this happened a couple of days ago:  

 I’m not sure if it’s the crow on my roof. Actually, a couple of crows have built a nest in the park next door, and I assume that it’s one of them and that it’s trying to pull the string to include it in the nest. I’ll have to show you some footage one of these days. Crow’s nests around here are quite interesting for an unexpected reason. This got me thinking that maybe the crow on my roof is also one member of that couple. Especially because now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not too sure we’re talking about just one crow here. I had a couple more encounters with the crow on my roof, and it looks a bit smaller than the one that smashed and ate the sea snail on my balcony. Hmmm… So, right now, every time I can, I try to get some footage of the crows. I’ll show them to you when I can compile more than just a few seconds. Also, I speak to them. I have decided to solely speak French to them so that they notice that my voice is different from the other humans. They’re still scared as soon as I try to get close, but sooner or later, I expect them to get used to me. Then, giving them food will need to happen, but I still need to figure out the best approach. One of my goals is also for them to stop eating on my roof, or eventually, the gutter will get clogged with crab shells and such. To be continued…  

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2 thoughts on “Hey! Don’t cut the string!”

    1. My phone. That’s the only way I found to film the crows in a timely fashion. My GoPro and DSLR demand too much setting up and by the time I’m ready, the crow is gone usually.

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