This post requires a few explanations.

First, as you may know, I live in Japan. On the island of Shikoku, which is famous for its 1300 years old pilgrimage, called… the Shikoku Pilgrimage!

Also, I became a Lego fan later in life (when I became a dad basically).

Both worlds collided in an unexpected way on the day I found a Lego Minifigure that looked like an Ohenro-san (that is a Shikoku Pilgrim).

So, I decided to have it do the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Or at least take pictures of it in the pilgrimage temples I visit once in a while.


This is at Yashima-ji, one of the pilgrimage temples in my city.



And this is a real Ohenro pilgrim taking a rest:

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