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Post-Apocalyptic Abraham Lincoln

Lego Post Apocalyptic Abraham Lincoln 1


I really like this Lego Minifigure. I also really like the fact that Lego can sometimes be totally in YOLO mode and produce such figures as a post-apocalyptic Abraham Lincoln.

How did this come to be? It’s all about the Lego Movie. Abraham Lincoln was guest-starring in it. Why? Not sure, but he briefly appears in the movie.

Then a few years later, the sequel to the movie was released. It started in a post-apocalyptic world where a lot of the characters from the first movie were stranded. And one thing leading to another, we got: Post-Apocalyptic Abraham Lincoln.

That’s all, that’s the story. He probably appears for two seconds in the movie, but the character was insane enough that Lego decided to produce it as a Minifigure to all fans of improbable figures delight, including mine.



Lego Post Apocalyptic Abraham Lincoln 2



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