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An ancestor, maybe?

Ok, by now, you know that my name is DavidB, but if you want to know a little more about it, here are a few more facts:

  • I’m French.
  • I’m in my forties.
  • I love writing things.
  • I’ll let you discover the rest as your read the various posts and pages on this site.

So yes, this site Liminal Web.

It’s basically a personal site where I put the things that don’t really fit in the other sites that I write or contribute to.

So you’ll find a bunch of things. Some pure blogging, some fiction, and really whatever I feel like putting.

I don’t promise you that it’ll be interesting for you or anything. Just stay around to figure it out. Or not.

Otherwise, may I advise you to go check this website? I’m one of the main contributor and we’re trying to not bore people over there:

Enjoy one or the other, or both.




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