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Le Vrai David


I know, I have too many social media and blogs/sites!

Well, this page is to help you figure out where to find me. 🙂


I think the Fediverse is the only possible sane future for the social internet and its various media and networks.
If you’re not sure what it is, please click here.

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You probably have at least heard of Mastodon. You can find me there talking primarily about Japan, climate, education, and more.

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You may not have heard of Calckey yet. But you probably will. It’s relatively new, not unlike Mastodon or Twitter, but much more fun. And because it’s the Fediverse, you don’t even need to be on it to follow me from another Fediverse account, be it Mastodon or something else. But really, you should join.

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Wait? This is Liminal Web‘s logo. What is it doing here, in the section dedicated to the Fediverse? Well, this is part of the awesomeness of the Fediverse. You can follow the blog directly from your Fediverse account (don’t click on the link, copy and paste it into your Fediverse account’s search bar – yes, the thing is still a bit experimental)

Corporate Social Media

Not going to lie, I still use it. It’s almost impossible not to when you’re active online these days


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Support my work

If you can afford it and think I deserve to be paid for everything I make here and there, you’re in the right place.

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