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Ants… Lots of ants…

Alright, warning and all that: if you have a phobia of ants or crawling things, maybe you shouldn’t stay here…





Is everybody still here fine with what is about to show up on your screen?


This was last year in France, while on a walk in a nature park in my hometown.

Lots of ants 1

I had never seen so many ants gathered like this before and to this day I’m not sure what was happening.

Lots of ants 2

As it was in March and one of the first somewhat warm days of the year, did the whole colony wake up from hibernating at once and want some fresh air?

That’s the only explanation I could come up with.

Well, I could have googled it before typing this.

Let’s see:

Lots of ants 3

The only thing I found that could work would be colony expansion. It’s not the whole colony, but just a part of it, and it’s moving to another location nearby. Except that they were stationary. Or did they find the new location and were waiting to be able to enter the new tunnels or something like that?



If anyone has a good idea of what was happening, I’m all ears.


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