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Who is she?


Souvenir de Rene Gense 26 Juillet 1919


No, this is not a quiz. I just don’t know who she is, and as opposed to the last time, I think this time it is a real picture (I mean, not a picture of an actress or something similar).

That woman may or may not be the Amélie with whom my grandfather had a correspondence after WW1 (he met her during the war when her family moved South. I suspect they had more than just a friendship).

However, I somehow doubt it’s her. The card was sent on July 26th, 1919. The back only says “Souvenir de René Gense.” And it’s addressed to my grandpa, but also his parents. I’m pretty sure René is Amélie’s dad.

I have another picture of the same woman with a younger one (I’ll post it sooner or later). I’m pretty sure the younger woman is Amélie, which means, that this woman here is very probably either Amélie’s mom or her older sister.

That’s all for now.


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