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Today, in our latest addition to my “Memories from a New Century” series, a short postcard from Amélie with a mysterious woman called Fabienne as a picture. (details after the pictures)




fabienne verso



The text says:

Dear Mr. Adrien,
See how I think of you and how pretty my card is. I will answer you this evening because we’re working all day today, Saturday, so I don’t have much time.
See you tomorrow Sunday. Goodbye and good kisses from your friend who doesn’t forget you.


A very brief but interesting text as Amélie is basically writing to Adrien to tell him she’ll be writing a longer text later, even though it’s very likely she’ll be sending both cards together at a later date. I guess it feels strange nowadays when we just text people instantly, but it makes sense. I remember in my late teens or early 20s before this internet thing came to be, and I used to write letters to my friends who lived far away, I’d write whenever I felt like writing or whenever I had the time to write, regardless of when I’d actually send the letter, sometimes including two separate letters in the same envelope. It’s probably the same thing here.

(fun fact: I didn’t like writing before I started writing these letters to my friends… Thank you, friends)


Now, about this Fabienne. Well, I have no idea who she is.
From the picture’s quality, could she be some sort of celebrity? I don’t know. I tried to find information about a famous Fabienne in France in the 1920s, but I couldn’t find anything. There was a Fabienne Fabrèges, but they looked nothing alike.

Another wild guess is that it’s Amélie herself (the mouth and nose look similar, her eyes much less, but she’s wearing a lot of make-up.) I think I remember some cards where she kinda was “roleplaying” being someone else and she found it funny. I hope we’ll get to these cards eventually.

Stay tuned and…

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