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Agen’s roofs

Just a few pictures from last year, when I finally got to spend some time in France after five years of absence.

Let’s get started with some of Agen’s roofs. Agen is my hometown, where I grew up, and where my parents still live. These two pictures were taken from the top of the parking lot that’s in the heart of downtown. It’s probably the ugliest building downtown, but when you’re on it, you don’t see it.

Instead, you see this:

Agen Roofs 20230323 1


Agen Roofs 20230323 2


Also, that day, I had a nice stroll in the main street downtown (Boulevard de la République). It’s very nice now that it’s for pedestrians only (not in my days). And I was surprised that Japan is so popular in France these days that they even had Japanese cherry blossoms!

I’m not complaining, they pretty much are the only ones I saw in 2023, as I was in France while they were in bloom at home.


Sakura in Agen 1


Sakura in Agen 2


That’s all for today, but I really need to post more of my pictures from last year in France.

Stay tuned for more and…

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