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Crows – Late January 2024

Nothing too special today.

I finally got to spend some time with the crows last weekend. It’s cold and they’re busy looking for food, so I only see them briefly these days. I make sure to leave peanuts for them around the house, they currently need the extra energy and fat boost. Especially Mr. Crow who got injured again in December (he’s doing better except for some missing feathers.) Food is scarce this time of the year, so fights are common with either other crows who try to invade Mr. & Ms. Crow’s territory or eagles that are more aggressive than usual. When I spend the day home, I see one of these fights almost every time – not always involving Mr. & Ms. Crow, it’s sometimes random crows in the sky… although it could be them too.

But Saturday, there was no one in the park (when it’s warmer, kids play in the park, so crows won’t land) and it wasn’t too cold, so I could “take it over” for a short while.

Here are just a few pictures and a short video.


Crows 2024 01 28 1


Crows 2024 01 28 2



Crows 2024 01 28 3

I really love the picture above. When an unexpected sound or movement happens, their reflex arc makes them take off and only after that their conscious brain tells them whether to fly away or that it was a false alarm. I must have made a suspect (for them) move right when I took the picture but the result is awesome.

I reframed it below. You can clearly see Mr. Crow’s injuries on his right wing (he’s on the left side) a bit less clearly on his left wing.

Crows 2024 01 28 4

Okay, that’s all for today.

Stay tuned for more.

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