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How my first YouTube upload protects my vanity

I would never consider myself a YouTuber despite the fact I’ve been on the platform since the late noughties.

You might think that I’d have hundreds of thousands of subscribers by now, but no, I’ve only just recently welcomed my 1000th subscriber.

That’s fine with me. I don’t do it for the views even though I’d certainly welcome more of them.

“Dave, I love your videos and how you’ve incorporated the style of modern and popular vloggers.”

Grrr. This really rubs me the wrong way. Really, like a cheese grater on my face.

My style has slowly developed ever since I first picked up a camcorder in the 1990s to film my mates rollerblading on the streets of my hometown and I’ve never formally learned how to shoot or edit video.

My first upload to YouTube is a video of me and my friend Swami taking a day trip to the G Skates skate park in Kobe from Osaka, where I lived in 2008.

In this video — uploaded in early March 2008 — there are plenty of examples of “the style of modern and popular vloggers” that I love to share with anybody accusing me of lifting my style.



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