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How to talk to flat-earthers?

I think I’ve found the argument to make flat-earthers think at least a little bit about the silliness of their belief.
(I’ve found it on Twitter, I didn’t come up with it.)

No, it’s not about geography, astronomy, geology, or anything like that. Science doesn’t really work on them. If it did, they wouldn’t be flat-earthers in the first place.

What could work is this:

Think about the edge of the planet if it were flat.

It would be an insane place. I’m not sure how insane, but it would have to be insane one way or another. And no one has reached it yet? No one has managed to film it, at a day and age when even your mom’s toilet is on Youtube and TikTok?

We live in a world where everything is exploited until destroyed for a few more dollars, and nobody is exploiting the edge of the world?

Imagine the crazy minerals that can be found there!
Imagine building insane tourist attractions there, such as bungee jumping from the edge of the world!
And nobody has even tried to do it?

Yes, I think the key to convincing some flat earthers is not talking about star patterns. It’s not talking about the curvature of the Earth. By the way, note that you don’t even need to fly to see it. Fun fact: I can see buildings on the coast, roughly 10 km from my neighborhood at low tide and I can’t see them at high tide. Spoiler alert, it’s not because they’re underwater twice a day.

So, I think that convincing flat-earthers lies in making them think about what’s happening and more important what’s not happening at the edge of the world right now.

Of course, some will come up with conspiracy theories about a cover-up about what’s going on there, but these people are hopeless and too far gone, I never said that we can bring everyone to reason.

What do you think? Could it work? Tell me if you try – I don’t think I will, I luckily don’t have any in my social circles and I have no time to waste looking for and talking to such people.


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