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The mystery on the roof

It started with… a piece of a crab shell on my balcony! I didn’t think of taking a picture, so you’ll just have to believe me.

Then, it was a sea snail shell (for those of you in Japan, I mean a sazae). I took a picture this time, but… After leaving it untouched for a couple of days, my son had a great idea – minutes before I took my camera: throwing it in the street.

I arrived too late, a car had already crushed it into powder and soon oblivion:

Mystery 1



And then, there was this fateful Saturday morning…

At 5 am! An insisting knocking sound woke us up, my wife and I. But it didn’t come from the front door. Nor from any door for that matter. It came from above! From the roof, right above us.

What was happening?

Flying crabs crashing on my house?

Aliens kidnapping sea creatures and then dropping them again on earth in my neighborhood?

What could it be?

I had to know.

So, I did the only thing to do. I took my camera, and a long stick, and trying to film what was on the roof – or rather the gutter – we figured out that the knocking sound came from the gutter.

What I found was… Disturbing the say the least…

What do you think?


(yes, the thumbnail is a bit clickbaity, but this is the very first video on this very new channel, so, it has to be intriguing, right?)


So, there were more crab parts, and… that very disturbing and disgusting black goo. Is it something rotting? I’m not sure I fully want to know.


Soon, I started to see the light.

First a clue:

Mystery 2



And finally, the answer to the mystery!

Mystery on the roof the Raven


A crow!


A very peculiar crow as it’s apparently very fond of seafood, and for some reason, it has decided that my roof and gutters would be the perfect dining table.

And now what, you may be wondering?

Well… You’ll see it in the next episode.

To be continued… (and if you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, now is a perfect time).



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