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Toad (Inktober 2023)

Today’s Inktober prompt is toad.

And here is my toad:

Drawing of a toad

The result is not exactly what I was aiming for, but I still like it.

This year, my Inktober drawings are much smaller than usual. In a sense, it’s easier overall to draw something at a smaller scale (especially when time is a factor.) On the other hand, I struggle a bit with details and with shading.
I like how I learned to shade in previous years (with small strokes using my thinnest pen) but it’s more difficult on a smaller scale. So maybe I’ll do my future drawings a little bigger (this one would have benefitted from a larger size, I believe.) Today, I also bought an even thinner pen. It says 0.03 on the cap, and I think it means 0.03 millimeters.

Stay tuned to see what the next drawings will be like (I have no idea myself, I haven’t drawn them yet)

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