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The video postcard format

It was late 2010 and I’d just received my journalism diploma and I was looking for work.

Of course, I was applying for every advertised journalism job and traineeship I could find, but I was also taking much more of a proactive approach and trying to create as much content as I could to showcase my talents.

I had my own broadcast-quality video gear and I was determined to put it to good use, so it was open season for any interesting person or event.

My mind is a bit blurry right now, but somehow or other I got the idea to create a video postcard from the suburb directly north of me.

Nundah was traditionally a working-class suburb of Brisbane — Australia’s third largest city — but it’s recently been undergoing changes as land prices rise and more professionals move in.

I wanted to capture a snapshot in time in the form of a video postcard — it’s a loosely defined slice-of-life style of video that would mix local scenes and voices without any kind of conspicuous plot.

After watching this video you’ll see kernels of styles and ideas that are still very much present in my current work like, for instance, the short video I shot at a tiny local railway station last week.

One criticism I have from this video relates to the decision to slap the cemetery montage in the middle (01:21-03:35). It should have been a separate video.

Anyway, if you would like to be transported to Nundah in late 2011, click on that play button below.



1 thought on “The video postcard format”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I like this format very much. I need to dig through your old videos more, as you already know, this is with this kind of content that I like learning about new places more.

    (and I agree with you, the cemetery part both feels out of place and definitely needs its own video)

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