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Would you eat these mandarin oranges?

Well, what the title says: Would you eat these mandarin oranges?

Green mikan

Why or why not?

The right answer was of course: Yes!!!

While they look unripe, they are. And they’re delicious and very sweet, with little to no sourness.

Here is a thing that we, Westerners, often forget. Citrus fruits don’t originally come from the Mediterranean and even less from Florida.
They originally came from Asia! (not Japan, but South East Asia – and Europeans, they came to the Mediterranean in around 1,200 BC, so yes, I understand if you thought they were a local fruit)

As a consequence, the variety of available citrus fruits in Asia in general and in Japan in particular is amazing compared to Europe or North America (I can’t speak for other parts of the world.)

In Japan we collectively name most of them Mikan and while some have separate names, for me they’re all mikan, and I don’t really know which is which. But I know for a fact that this one is, indeed, delicious. It’s just that its skin stays at least partly green for some reason.

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