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Hello world!

I guess this default title is fitting, let’s leave it there.

So, yes, welcome to Liminal Web.

It’s my new personal site. Kind of a sequel to David + World if you’re familiar with it (it still should be online as I’m typing this and for quite a while, it will take time to migrate most of its content where it should go).

Honestly, I’m not going to spend too much time telling you about what’s going to be here. It’s very unlikely many people ever read this post, I just didn’t want to start the blog without some sort of introduction.

So I invite you to read the About page, subscribe to the blog (by RSS, or by e-mail, in that case, you can do it in the sidebar or the footer), follow me on Twitter (I may or may not have a Facebook page, we’ll see), and to make me rich.

Stay tuned for the rest.




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