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Japan’s tiny railway stations

I make videos. It’s what I do. Sometimes I get paid. Sometimes I don’t.

Yesterday I decided to create what I like to call a quick’n’dirty edit.

The plan? Well, I’d go down to my local railway station and shoot the 11:50 am train arriving and then head home, write up a quick script, record the narration, and then cut the video.

But, as I was finishing step one and bringing my drone back down to earth I heard a voice call out to me in English: “What are you doing?”

I’m used to explaining myself like this, but generally, it’s in Japanese.

Anyway, I explained myself and he told me he lives right by the station and he saw me there for a while and wondered what I was doing. Then he started telling me about the station.

“Hold it right there! Can you say this on video?”


So now I had a central figure in my video and I no longer had to worry about writing the script or recording the narration.

The following video was shot, edited, and uploaded to YouTube within a four-hour window.