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Kermit the Frog (Inktober 52)

Alright, one of my resolutions for this year is to try to draw more regularly. In the past, one thing I have used to do just that was to use Inktober 52. It’s just like Inktober, but it’s one drawing a week for one year instead of 31 drawings in a month. I find that more useful if you’re like me: totally uninterested in the challenge aspect of the thing, but interested in using the thing to practice drawing.

This week’s prompt is Puppet and here is the result.


I’m always terrified to draw with a picture as a model, but I did okay, I think (I messed up the right eye, though – and I shouldn’t have told you, because now it’s all you’ll see). Of course, Kermit the frog is quite easy to draw in my opinion.

I will not colorize it despite being tempted to do so, as I’m sure going to ruin it in my attempt.

That’s all for today, I guess.



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