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Map (Inktober 2023)

Wow, I’m already late after only five days, really?

Actually, I told you, I don’t care about the “race” aspect of Inktober. Art is not a sport, nor a competition. Ironically, I made this drawing in September, I’m just late to post it (but it’s true that we’re October 7th and I haven’t finished drawing 7 yet). I like the selection of prompts, this year, I’ll try to do all 31, even if it takes me until December.

So, today: Map.

I had two ideas that came to mind seeing this prompt. The Map of Middle-Earth (fun fact, in my youth, I had a huge one above my bed), but there is no way I can draw it quickly if at all. And this other map…

It’s very simple, but I like it and… Can you recognize it?


Let’s start with the pencil sketch that I really like.
Maybe I should have kept the map in black and white, but I felt that it needed its colors:

Map 1

Map 2

I have to be more careful when I scan these drawings, they’re a bit blurry.

I also did a shadowing effect, but I messed it up, I should have been more careful (you know, doing the effect to only two sides).

Map 3

So, did you recognize the map?


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