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Mini Banana Chips

A short while ago, I asked my daughter why she was not making art anymore, and her answer was that she didn’t like making art anymore, so she wouldn’t be making art anymore.

Which greatly saddens me. She grew up among art, and not just any art. She had her first very official exhibit at age two (I admit, there’s a little bit more to the story, but this remains factual nonetheless.) She’s done art her whole life, and some pretty neat stuff.

However, I noticed last summer that she was not really enjoying the art workshops we signed her up for. I just thought it was just some pre-teen angst (she still did some pretty cool things during these workshops, even if she says that she didn’t enjoy making them.)

Well, as I mentioned, she’s almost a teen and things are getting a bit complicated with her (or should I say more complicated.)

I noticed that lately, after going to bed, she doesn’t always read as expected, but she builds things. She said that she didn’t want me to check what she was doing, and I respected her privacy.

I saw a few things popping up in her room.

What I didn’t notice was this little thing that came out of nowhere when she gave it to me the other day:

Mini Banana Chips 1


Oh and on the other side too:

Mini Banana Chips 2


Yes, yes, this is what you think it is. Look, banana (chips) for scale:

Mini Banana Chips 3

Mini Banana Chips 4


Kids, I swear, they’ll surprise you in the most surprising ways…


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