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DavidB, Gator & a movie: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I’ve been meaning to make webcomics with Lego for quite a while now (some are already on this site, a few older ones will come sooner or later). Also, I’ve been meaning to talk about cinema more, but I can never find the time. For some reason, a few days ago, I thought that I could do both.

First, I needed some reviewers. After some back and forth (a duo composed of “Bro Thor” and Korg has some potential), I decided to take a more familiar route, with yours truly in Lego form, as well as Gator himself.

It’s not exactly a review in the traditional sense (the goal was to keep it short). I have room for improvement, but I think it’s a format that has some potential. What do you think?


So introducing:

DavidB, Gator & a movie!

(title is subject to change)


DavidB, Gator and a movie: Once upon a time in Hollywood I did not expect Chekhov's flamethrower.

Sorry, if I’m spoiling, but while not very old, the movie is not exactly new, right?

I had a sense of inpending doom the whole time I watched the movie.

Once again, not a real spoiler, but the fact that our protagonists experienced these feelings watching the movie is totally linked to the fact that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood takes place in 1969 and that Leonardo di Caprio’s character is a somewhat famous (fictitious) actor whose neighbors are recently wed couple Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio are amazing actors. Floyd?

Fun fact 2: Floyd is indeed my very first encounter with Brad Pitt and True Romance is one of my favorite movies.


I want to keep the format short, but if you haven’t seen it, there is much much more to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood than this. It is one of Tarantino’s richest movies in terms of content, and also a very unique one in many aspects.


So what did you think?


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