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Constellation (Inktober 52 – 2023)

Not really a drawing, more “having fun with a pen” and a bit of photoshopping for this constellation.


Constellation Inktober 52

The idea is to place the stars as they actually are. At least vaguely, I didn’t measure the right distances or angles. And then, draw more or less random lines. Can you recognize the stars?

I actually mean to do a little more complex, artistic, or something, but I soon realized that the pen and paper I was using don’t play well together. The ink wasn’t drying properly and smudges started to appear. So I stopped at the concept and didn’t go further. Oh well.

In case you’re wondering, I did draw in black on white and I inverted the colors later. 🙂

Meanwhile, my son drew this. Not sure why his constellation is sad. He hasn’t elaborated and moved on to draw a Minecraft skyscraper.


Constellation K

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