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Gargoyle (Inktober 2022)

Alright, just like every year for the past few years now, I’m trying to do Inktober.

As a reminder, I have no interest in the whole challenge aspect of the thing – drawing 31 things in 31 days. I started drawing as soon as the prompts came out at the end of August and I’ll draw as much as I can. I think I managed to draw 31 drawings only once. That’s not my goal.

My goal is to practice drawing, hopefully get better at it, and try having fun in the process.

The first prompt is Gargoyle, so here we go.

Gargoyle Inktober 2022 1

You may recognize it. It’s inspired by one of the most famous gargoyles of Notre Dame in Paris. I think it’s one of my favorite gargoyles. Usually, they’re scary, menacing, and devilish. This one is just chilling, and I love it for it.

Actually, one of my regrets from the time when I lived in Paris was never climbing the towers of Notre Dame and see the gargoyles. The waiting line was just too long for the not-a-tourist that I was there and then.

Oh well.

Gargoyle Inktober 2022 2


As often, I’m posting two different versions of the drawing. The first one is in what has slowly become “my” style. However, lately, I’ve been trying to add colors to my drawings (well, here the color is grey). I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do it.

Alright moving on to prompt number two…


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