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Lego Bonsai

You may have heard that Lego is releasing more and more sets for adults.

Some are interesting, some much less (for me, but I guess it’ll be different for other people), but I had to get the Bonsai that they released last year.

Lego Bonsai Green 1

Actually, it’s not completely finished. It can be built in two versions. This one, with beautiful green foliage, or with pink and white blossoms, cherry blossoms style.

Lego Bonsai Green 2

As I live in Japan, people may assume that I’d be more interested in the cherry blossom version, but what not many people know is that my city is the main producer of pine tree bonsai in Japan (more than 80% of them come from here). And this green version is reminiscent of pine tree bonsai.

Lego Bonsai Green 3

However, worry not, it’s very easy to change the foliage, so this is what I’ll probably do next time I build some Lego. Stay tuned for the cherry blossom foliage soon.

Also, there is a “wooden support” missing. I’ll probably build it, but I don’t really find it necessary.

cropped Logo 512x512 1

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