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Lego Space Oddity

Four years ago, as we were nearing the first year anniversary of David Bowie‘s passing, I wanted to do some sort of homage to remember him and for some reason, it took the shape of a retelling of Space Oddity (both my oldest memory of his music – along with Ashes to Ashes – and one of my favorite songs of all time) in Lego form.

Today would be his 75th birthday and unfortunately, Monday will be the 5th year anniversary of his passing.

To celebrate him, what was just pictures for the past few years was turned into a “video” (still just pictures, but along with his music).



If you want to see the pictures individually, here they are:



A little while ago, I thought about doing another song (Ashes to Ashes? Black Star?) but most of his other songs would be quite an endeavor. Possible, but it would take an immense amount of time. Anyway, if you have a suggestion, do not hesitate.



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