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Merry Christmas

Just a quick word to wish you a Merry Christmas in the form of this postcard.


Joyeux Noel


I’m not exactly sure when this postcard was sent, the year on the post stamp is not legible, but I suspect the late 1920s. The picture is quite unusual for a Christmas postcard, or is it? I actually have no idea what Christmas postcards were supposed to look like in the early 20th Century. I’m not exactly sure who the people depicted are, but I kinda assume they are the senders. Camille and Gaston Candellon. I’m not exactly sure who they were. I think Gaston wrote more postcards that are in my possession. An internet search returned only one result (the spelling of his last name is a bit unusual, it’s usually Candelon). Gaston was born in 1906 in Clermont-Soubiran (my grandfather’s village) and he died at age 90 in 1997 in Moissac (a small town twenty kilometers or so away).


Joyeux Noel verso


Also, note that the card is addressed to “all the family as well as Miss Camille.” She’s not to be confused with Gaston’s wife, also named Camille. Miss Camille is mentioned in several cards and I have no idea who she was. Did my grandfather have a younger sister that I have never heard of apart from these cards? Did she die at a young age? No idea. I doubt it, though, a few years ago when my cousin did part of our family tree, her name didn’t show up. Hmmm…


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