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The crows in December

Not really a “crow update” (as a reminder the short ones are posted on Mastodon, the long ones here) just a few pictures of the crows in December.

Crows December 17 2023

Mr. and Ms. Crow on the utility cable near my bedroom, waiting for peanuts. (December 17th, 2023)


Mr Crow December 26 2023

Mr. Crow has something bothering him in his claw
(can you call this a talon for a crow? not sure)
(December 26th, 2023)


Ms Crow December 30 2023

 Ms. Crow waiting for Mr. Crow, as the sun is slowly approaching the horizon and it will be time to go to bed. I was a bit worried that day, as Ms. Crow spent most of the day around or near the house, and Mr. Crow was nowhere to be seen, and as you know he’s injured and somewhat weak at the moment. Luckily, he showed up eventually, a little bit after I took the picture.
(December 30th, 2023)


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