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Two slices of heaven

The other day, my wife found a whole Brie cheese at an affordable price! Something I didn’t think was possible in Japan.

Well, most of the French cheese you can find here is only French in name and with a little French flag on the box (usually a telltale sign that it’s not a product that you’d find in France). Here, as you can see, it’s the real thing, imported as is and everything. Even the packaging is unchanged!




Let’s talk about the packaging. Such a cheese in Japan is a luxury product, that you buy only if you are very rich and/or for a special occasion. So the box is very important, well, it always is in Japan, but maybe a little bit more with imported products. However, as you can see on the left side, this box was damaged.

In short, it was unsellable, and 50% off in order to get rid of it!

My dear and loving wife had the right reaction when seeing it and she bought it on the spot. And this is how we were able to buy a real whole Brie for about 20 Euros! Yes, it might be a bit expensive in France, but from here, it’s unheard of. Normally, it’s more something like one slice of fake Brie sold for 10-15 Euros.


The evening – a Friday – was a great moment of happiness.

But something was still missing. Actual good French bread to eat with the cheese. Hard to find in Japan?

Yes… Except when one of your friends makes the best pain de campagne I’ve ever eaten outside France. It is even better than some I have eaten in France.

If Friday was a great moment of happiness, the weekend was simply heaven.

Note: when we buy a slice of Brie for 10 Euros, we try to make it last as long as possible. This one? Paradoxically, we gobbled the whole cheese up in three days!


Brie et Pain de Campagne


Bon appétit


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