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Flame (Inktober – 2022)

Okay, I skipped a few prompts since the last one. Honestly, I’m not even going to try to draw as many Inktober prompts as possible this year. However, I wanted to draw “flame.”

What could I draw? I wasn’t too sure. I almost drew a burning match, as match is a future prompt, but a promo picture for The Rings of Power (that you should watch) made me want to draw a very different kind of flame. One of the most terrifying flames of literature and cinema (and very soon TV?), the Flame of Udûn, the Balrog itself!

I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, especially because it’s a drawing that’s mostly black, and I feel more comfortable with drawings that have more white than black usually.

Here is the result:

Flame of Udun Inktober 1

Flame of Udun Inktober 2

I was pretty happy with what I did at this stage of the drawing, but I knew that inking everything with mostly black was going to be difficult. I’m not too too sure about the result. Maybe I should have left it in black and white? Not sure.

Note that the drawing is a little photoshopped (more contrast), I may not have the right markers, but I was afraid that I’d damage the paper if I insisted too much on the black. I may get back to it tomorrow and try to remove all the tiny white spots.


Flame of Udun Inktober 3

Actually, I have a question for people who know how to draw and all. I’ve always read that you’re supposed to draw on the textured side of the paper, but should I really? For drawings like this one, I feel that the other side, the smooth side would be better, wouldn’t it? Any advice is more than welcome.


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